What are the antonyms for deoxidise?

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Definitions for deoxidise

  • verb - to remove oxygen from a compound
  • Pronounciation of deoxidise

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    Synonyms for deoxidise

    deoxidize reduce

    Holonyms for deoxidise

    No holonyms found for deoxidise.

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    Hyponyms for deoxidise

    benficiate pole

    Meronyms for deoxidise

    No meronyms found for deoxidise.

    Sounds like deoxidise

    dacitic Dasyatis deciduous deictic deistic deoxidise deoxidize detached house diastasis diazotize didactic didactics diestock digitise digitize dik-dik discotheque distich dizygotic dog's-tooth check dogs-tooth check dogstooth check dogwatch dog days dog tag do justice