What are the antonyms for destruct?

Antonyms for destruct

No antonyms found for destruct.

Definitions for destruct

  • verb - do away with
  • verb - destroy (one's own missile or rocket); "The engineers had to destruct the rocket for safety reasons"
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    Synonyms for destruct


    Holonyms for destruct

    No holonyms found for destruct.

    Hypernyms for destruct

    destroy destruct unmake undo

    Hyponyms for destruct

    eliminate self-destroy wipe out pulverize take apart raze pull down root out get rid of destruct sweep away pulverise break up rase uproot exterminate kill do away with end interdict disassemble break apart tear down eradicate dilapidate extinguish self-destruct fracture demolish dismantle level take down extirpate demyelinate

    Meronyms for destruct

    No meronyms found for destruct.

    Sounds like destruct

    daisy cutter daughter daystar Decatur decoder destroy destroyer detector dexter dictator digester Digitaria disaster disaster area dishwater do-gooder doctor Doctorow dogwood tree Dog Star duster Dutch door