What is the definition of Chamaeleonidae?

Definitions for Chamaeleonidae

  • noun - Old World chameleons; in some classifications they are considered a superfamily of Sauria
  • Pronounciation of Chamaeleonidae

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    Synonyms for Chamaeleonidae

    Chamaeleontidae family Rhiptoglossa family Chamaeleontidae family Chamaeleonidae Rhiptoglossa

    Antonyms for Chamaeleonidae

    No antonyms found for Chamaeleonidae.

    Holonyms for Chamaeleonidae

    Sauria suborder Sauria Lacertilia suborder Lacertilia

    Hypernyms for Chamaeleonidae

    reptile family

    Hyponyms for Chamaeleonidae

    No hyponyms found for Chamaeleonidae.

    Meronyms for Chamaeleonidae

    chameleon genus Chamaeleon chamaeleon Chamaeleo genus Chamaeleo

    Sounds like Chamaeleonidae

    Camelina Camlan cannelloni chamaeleon Chamaeleo oweni Chamaemelum chameleon commelina common mullein