What is the definition of Cheilanthes?

Definitions for Cheilanthes

  • noun - small evergreen ferns: lipferns; in some classifications placed in family Polypodiaceae or Adiantaceae
  • Pronounciation of Cheilanthes

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    Synonyms for Cheilanthes

    genus Cheilanthes

    Antonyms for Cheilanthes

    No antonyms found for Cheilanthes.

    Holonyms for Cheilanthes

    Pteridaceae family Pteridaceae

    Hypernyms for Cheilanthes

    fern genus

    Hyponyms for Cheilanthes

    No hyponyms found for Cheilanthes.

    Meronyms for Cheilanthes

    lip fern lipfern lace fern Cheilanthes gracillima

    Sounds like Cheilanthes

    calamint Calamintha calamity calando calanthe Callionymidae calumet calumniate Ceylonite Chelonethida Chelonidae Cheloniidae Chilean nut Chile nut chlamydia claimant clamant clammyweed clean-handed clean out clement Clement III client climate clinid Clinidae Clomid coagulant cola nut collimate