Fraxinus excelsior

What is the definition of Fraxinus excelsior?

Definitions for Fraxinus excelsior

  • noun - tall ash of Europe to the Caucasus having leaves shiny dark-green above and pale downy beneath
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    Synonyms for Fraxinus excelsior

    European ash common European ash

    Antonyms for Fraxinus excelsior

    No antonyms found for Fraxinus excelsior.

    Holonyms for Fraxinus excelsior

    No holonyms found for Fraxinus excelsior.

    Hypernyms for Fraxinus excelsior

    ash ash tree

    Hyponyms for Fraxinus excelsior

    No hyponyms found for Fraxinus excelsior.

    Meronyms for Fraxinus excelsior

    No meronyms found for Fraxinus excelsior.

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