What is the definition of Shen-pao?

Definitions for Shen-pao

  • noun - a member of the Taoist Trinity; identified with Lao-tse
  • Pronounciation of Shen-pao

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    Synonyms for Shen-pao

    Spiritual Jewel

    Antonyms for Shen-pao

    No antonyms found for Shen-pao.

    Holonyms for Shen-pao

    Taoist Trinity

    Hypernyms for Shen-pao

    No hypernyms found for Shen-pao.

    Hyponyms for Shen-pao

    No hyponyms found for Shen-pao.

    Meronyms for Shen-pao

    No meronyms found for Shen-pao.

    Sounds like Shen-pao

    samba sannup sawn-off scamp scampi scampo sea nymph shampoo Shen-pao shine up signify sign off sign up sine wave sinopia skimp skimpy skim off skin pop ski jump snafu snap snappy snap off snap pea snap up sniff sniffy snip snipe