What is the definition of acataphasia?

Definitions for acataphasia

  • noun - a disorder in which a lesion to the central nervous system leaves you unable to formulate a statement or to express yourself in an organized manner
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    Synonyms for acataphasia

    No synonyms found for acataphasia.

    Antonyms for acataphasia

    No antonyms found for acataphasia.

    Holonyms for acataphasia

    No holonyms found for acataphasia.

    Hypernyms for acataphasia

    brain disorder encephalopathy brain disease

    Hyponyms for acataphasia

    No hyponyms found for acataphasia.

    Meronyms for acataphasia

    No meronyms found for acataphasia.

    Sounds like acataphasia

    accusative acetify acidify acquisitive active act up agitative assistive associative