What is the definition of advise?

Definitions for advise

  • verb - give advice to; "The teacher counsels troubled students"; "The lawyer counselled me when I was accused of tax fraud"
  • verb - inform (somebody) of something; "I advised him that the rent was due"
  • verb - make a proposal
  • Pronounciation of advise

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    Synonyms for advise

    propose give notice suggest rede send word counsel apprise apprize notify

    Antonyms for advise

    No antonyms found for advise.

    Holonyms for advise

    No holonyms found for advise.

    Hypernyms for advise

    inform hash out declare discuss talk over

    Hyponyms for advise

    discourage tip consult advance submit move exhort admonish misadvise contraindicate throw out state make a motion urge dissuade monish misguide recommend proposition put forward urge on deter warn tip off propound advocate feed back posit press

    Meronyms for advise

    No meronyms found for advise.

    Sounds like advise

    adipose adiposis adobe house ADPS advice advise advisee advocacy at peace autobus autofocus autopsy autotypic