What is the definition of allmouth?

Definitions for allmouth

  • noun - fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey
  • Pronounciation of allmouth

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    Synonyms for allmouth

    angler fish goosefish monkfish angler lotte anglerfish Lophius Americanus

    Antonyms for allmouth

    No antonyms found for allmouth.

    Holonyms for allmouth

    Lophiidae family Lophiidae

    Hypernyms for allmouth

    spiny-finned fish acanthopterygian

    Hyponyms for allmouth

    No hyponyms found for allmouth.

    Meronyms for allmouth

    No meronyms found for allmouth.

    Sounds like allmouth

    ailment alienate alienated aliment alinement allamanda allantoid allemande Allen Tate allmouth Alma-Ata almandite Almaty almond almond-eyed aluminate a la mode