What is the definition of anergy?

Definitions for anergy

  • noun - inactivity and lack of energy
  • noun - reduction or lack of an immune response to a specific antigen
  • Pronounciation of anergy

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    Synonyms for anergy

    No synonyms found for anergy.

    Antonyms for anergy

    No antonyms found for anergy.

    Holonyms for anergy

    No holonyms found for anergy.

    Hypernyms for anergy

    inaction inactivity inactiveness immunological disorder

    Hyponyms for anergy

    No hyponyms found for anergy.

    Meronyms for anergy

    No meronyms found for anergy.

    Sounds like anergy

    amaurosis Ameiurus amenorrheic amenorrhoeic amerce America Amharic amorous anarchic anarchy Anarhichas Anemone nemorosa anergy anorak anorchia anorexia anorexic anuresis anuric anurous