bird louse

What is the definition of bird louse?

Definitions for bird louse

  • noun - wingless insect with mouth parts adapted for biting; mostly parasitic on birds
  • Pronounciation of bird louse

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    Synonyms for bird louse

    biting louse louse

    Antonyms for bird louse

    No antonyms found for bird louse.

    Holonyms for bird louse

    Mallophaga order Mallophaga

    Hypernyms for bird louse


    Hyponyms for bird louse

    Menopon gallinae chicken louse shaft louse Menopon palladum

    Meronyms for bird louse

    No meronyms found for bird louse.

    Sounds like bird louse

    Bairdiella barred owl bayberry tallow biradial biradially bordello bradawl Bradley brattle bridal bridle brittle brittle willow broadly broadtail brothel brotula brutal brutally buirdly