burn off

What is the definition of burn off?

Definitions for burn off

  • verb - clear land of its vegetation by burning it off
  • verb - use up (energy); "burn off calories through vigorous exercise"
  • Pronounciation of burn off

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    Synonyms for burn off

    burn burn up

    Antonyms for burn off

    No antonyms found for burn off.

    Holonyms for burn off

    No holonyms found for burn off.

    Hypernyms for burn off

    denudate use up run through strip eat wipe out denude consume deplete bare eat up exhaust

    Hyponyms for burn off

    No hyponyms found for burn off.

    Meronyms for burn off

    No meronyms found for burn off.

    Sounds like burn off

    brainwave brain wave burnup burn off burn up