button snakeroot

What is the definition of button snakeroot?

Definitions for button snakeroot

  • noun - any of various North American plants of the genus Liatris having racemes or panicles of small discoid flower heads
  • noun - coarse prickly perennial eryngo with aromatic roots; southeastern United States; often confused with rattlesnake master
  • noun - coarse prickly perennial eryngo of United States thought to cure rattlesnake bite
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    Synonyms for button snakeroot

    gay-feather rattlesnake's master snakeroot Eryngium yuccifolium blazing star Eryngium aquaticum gayfeather rattlesnake master

    Antonyms for button snakeroot

    No antonyms found for button snakeroot.

    Holonyms for button snakeroot

    Eryngium genus Eryngium Liatris genus Liatris

    Hypernyms for button snakeroot

    herb herbaceous plant wildflower perennial wild flower

    Hyponyms for button snakeroot

    dense blazing star Liatris pycnostachya dotted gayfeather Liatris punctata

    Meronyms for button snakeroot

    No meronyms found for button snakeroot.

    Sounds like button snakeroot

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