What is the definition of caff?

Definitions for caff

  • noun - informal British term for a cafe
  • Pronounciation of caff

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    Synonyms for caff

    No synonyms found for caff.

    Antonyms for caff

    No antonyms found for caff.

    Holonyms for caff

    No holonyms found for caff.

    Hypernyms for caff

    coffee bar cafe coffeehouse coffee shop

    Hyponyms for caff

    No hyponyms found for caff.

    Meronyms for caff

    No meronyms found for caff.

    Sounds like caff

    C.P.U. Caaba cab cabby cafe caff cap cap-a-pie cape capo cap off casaba casava casbah cassava Cassiope Cassiopeia cave Cavia cavy Cebu Ceiba ceibo cf cf. CFO chafe chaff chaffy chap