What is the definition of caracal?

Definitions for caracal

  • noun - of deserts of northern Africa and southern Asia
  • Pronounciation of caracal

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    Synonyms for caracal

    desert lynx Lynx caracal

    Antonyms for caracal

    No antonyms found for caracal.

    Holonyms for caracal

    No holonyms found for caracal.

    Hypernyms for caracal

    lynx catamount

    Hyponyms for caracal

    No hyponyms found for caracal.

    Meronyms for caracal

    No meronyms found for caracal.

    Sounds like caracal

    caracal caracole caracul carousal carousel carrousel charcoal choir school Churchill churchly church school circle coarsely coracle courageously crackle crack willow Crassula crazily Crazy Glue creakily creosol cresol crossly crucial crucially curiously currishly