What is the definition of cascade?

Definitions for cascade

  • verb - arrange (open windows) on a computer desktop so that they overlap each other
  • verb - rush down in big quantities
  • noun - a sudden downpour (as of tears or sparks etc) likened to a rain shower; "a little shower of rose petals"; "a sudden cascade of sparks"
  • noun - a succession of stages or operations or processes or units; "progressing in severity as though a cascade of genetic damage was occurring"; "separation of isotopes by a cascade of processes"
  • noun - a small waterfall or series of small waterfalls
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    Synonyms for cascade

    shower cascade down

    Antonyms for cascade

    No antonyms found for cascade.

    Holonyms for cascade

    No holonyms found for cascade.

    Hypernyms for cascade

    succession waterfall falls descent fall arrange go down set up come down descend

    Hyponyms for cascade

    No hyponyms found for cascade.

    Meronyms for cascade

    No meronyms found for cascade.

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    No words sound like cascade.