What is the definition of charge?

Definitions for charge

  • verb - saturate; "The room was charged with tension and anxiety"
  • verb - energize a battery by passing a current through it in the direction opposite to discharge; "I need to charge my car battery"
  • verb - cause formation of a net electrical charge in or on; "charge a conductor"
  • verb - set or ask for a certain price; "How much do you charge for lunch?"; "This fellow charges $100 for a massage"
  • verb - attribute responsibility to; "We blamed the accident on her"; "The tragedy was charged to her inexperience"
  • noun - a special assignment that is given to a person or group; "a confidential mission to London"; "his charge was deliver a message"
  • verb - instruct or command with authority; "The teacher charged the children to memorize the poem"
  • verb - instruct (a jury) about the law
  • verb - impose a task upon
  • noun - attention and management implying responsibility for safety; "he is in the care of a bodyguard"
  • verb - blame for
  • verb - make an accusatory claim; "The defense attorney charged that the jurors were biased"
  • verb - file a formal charge against; "The suspect was charged with murdering his wife"
  • noun - an impetuous rush toward someone or something; "the wrestler's charge carried him past his adversary"; "the battle began with a cavalry charge"
  • verb - to make a rush at or sudden attack upon
  • verb - direct into a position for use; "point a gun"; "He charged his weapon at me"
  • verb - fill or load to capacity; "charge the wagon with hay"
  • verb - provide (a device) with something necessary; "He loaded his gun carefully"; "load the camera"
  • verb - place a heraldic bearing on; "charge all weapons
  • verb - cause to be agitated
  • verb - lie down on command
  • verb - move quickly and violently; "The car tore down the street"; "He came charging into my office"
  • verb - pay with a credit card; pay with plastic money; postpone payment by recording a purchase as a debt; "Will you pay cash or charge the purchase?"
  • verb - demand payment; "Will I get charged for this service?"; "We were billed for 4 nights in the hotel
  • verb - enter a certain amount as a charge; "he charged me $15"
  • verb - give over to another for care or safekeeping; "consign your baggage"
  • verb - cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution; "After the second episode
  • verb - assign a duty
  • noun - a quantity of explosive to be set off at one time; "this cartridge has a powder charge of 50 grains"
  • noun - heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield
  • noun - (criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense; "he was arrested on a charge of larceny"
  • noun - an assertion that someone is guilty of a fault or offence; "the newspaper published charges that Jones was guilty of drunken driving"
  • noun - a formal statement of a command or injunction to do something; "the judge's charge to the jury"
  • noun - request for payment of a debt; "they submitted their charges at the end of each month"
  • noun - the swift release of a store of affective force; "they got a great bang out of it"; "what a boot!"; "he got a quick rush from injecting heroin"; "he does it for kicks"
  • noun - (psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object; "Freud thought of cathexis as a psychic analog of an electrical charge"
  • noun - a person committed to your care; "the teacher led her charges across the street"
  • noun - the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons; "the battery needed a fresh charge"
  • noun - the price charged for some article or service; "the admission charge"
  • noun - financial liabilities (such as a tax); "the charges against the estate"
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    Synonyms for charge

    explosive charge complaint bang thrill commission tutelage bearing accusation boot kick guardianship burster heraldic bearing direction rush cathexis bursting charge armorial bearing billing flush electric charge mission care consign send file load commove shoot commit appoint saddle bear down agitate excite shoot down institutionalize blame burden accuse level rouse charge up buck institutionalise lodge point turn on tear bill

    Antonyms for charge

    discharge pay cash

    Holonyms for charge

    No holonyms found for charge.

    Hypernyms for charge

    attack explosive averment dictation excitement electrical phenomenon onslaught heraldry asseveration request libidinal energy cost assignment onset pleading bid asking dependant liabilities duty assignment protection onrush assertion bidding exhilaration dependent rush take aim make full trouble hasten pelt along belt along calculate trust supply change set attribute command accuse aim direct paint lie down hie rush along step on it debit confide provide alter impute require impeach take fill disturb lie speed cannonball along pay entrust commit impregnate render modify ascribe incriminate train fill up upset hotfoot race bucket along account intrust transfer saturate furnish determine assign instruct claim criminate

    Hyponyms for charge

    shot annulet fleur-de-lys misdirection negative charge fare fixed costs exchange premium postage water-rate tankage mission impossible reasonable care slight care rocket fuel roundel ordinary presentment carrying charge transportation agio demurrage poundage service charge encumbrance suicide mission foster care rocket propellant chevron accusation electrostatic charge depreciation charge fixed charge agiotage installation charge rate service fee incumbrance martyr operation due care great care countercharge rocket propellent fleur-de-lis accusal positive charge overcharge fixed cost premium porterage charge per unit stowage assessment fool's errand sacrifice operation ordinary care providence slander calumniate indict burden freight bother levy undercharge pawn hospitalize depute name authorise overburden flood out impeach smirch smear tax burthen reload pother impose surcharge soak hospitalise assign nominate authorize bear down adjure blame incriminate asperse sully complain weight hype up electrify tithe invoice hock delegate deputize make accredit recharge overwhelm fault criminate denigrate besmirch weight down psych up rip assess pledge check designate deputise empower create deluge accuse defame

    Meronyms for charge

    No meronyms found for charge.

    Sounds like charge

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