What is the definition of claret?

Definitions for claret

  • verb - drink claret; "They were clareting until well past midnight"
  • noun - a dark purplish-red color
  • noun - dry red Bordeaux or Bordeaux-like wine
  • Pronounciation of claret

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    Synonyms for claret

    red Bordeaux

    Antonyms for claret

    No antonyms found for claret.

    Holonyms for claret

    No holonyms found for claret.

    Hypernyms for claret

    Bordeaux Bordeaux wine dark red red wine booze fuddle drink

    Hyponyms for claret

    Saint Emilion

    Meronyms for claret

    No meronyms found for claret.

    Sounds like claret

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