What is the definition of compute?

Definitions for compute

  • verb - make a mathematical calculation or computation
  • Pronounciation of compute

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    Synonyms for compute

    cypher work out calculate reckon cipher figure

    Antonyms for compute

    No antonyms found for compute.

    Holonyms for compute

    No holonyms found for compute.

    Hypernyms for compute


    Hyponyms for compute

    extract misestimate factor add together multiply extrapolate estimate judge resolve process recalculate factor in subtract divide differentiate gauge budget solve quantize prorate average factor out deduct fraction integrate approximate capitalize quantise miscalculate average out add take off interpolate survey guess capitalise

    Meronyms for compute

    No meronyms found for compute.

    Sounds like compute

    Cambodia camp bed camp out canopied cenobite chickenfeed chicken feed chimneypot coenobite cohune fat comb-out combat combed comb out come about come up to comfit common beet common fate compete compote compute confetti confide confit confute connive at Cyanophyta cyanophyte cymbid