What is the definition of deliberation?

Definitions for deliberation

  • noun - the trait of thoughtfulness in action or decision; "he was a man of judicial deliberation"
  • noun - a rate demonstrating an absence of haste or hurry
  • noun - careful consideration; "a little deliberation would have deterred them"
  • noun - planning something carefully and intentionally; "it was the deliberation of his act that was insulting"
  • noun - (usually plural) discussion of all sides of a question; "the deliberations of the jury"
  • Pronounciation of deliberation

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    Synonyms for deliberation

    unhurriedness weighing deliberateness advisement slowness calculation

    Antonyms for deliberation

    No antonyms found for deliberation.

    Holonyms for deliberation

    No holonyms found for deliberation.

    Hypernyms for deliberation

    rate provision consideration discussion thoughtfulness planning give-and-take pace preparation word

    Hyponyms for deliberation

    dilatoriness procrastination intentionality think leisureliness

    Meronyms for deliberation

    No meronyms found for deliberation.

    Sounds like deliberation

    day laborer day labourer deliver deliverer delivery