What is the definition of externalise?

Definitions for externalise

  • verb - make external or objective
  • verb - regard as objective
  • Pronounciation of externalise

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    Synonyms for externalise

    externalize objectify exteriorize project exteriorise

    Antonyms for externalise

    No antonyms found for externalise.

    Holonyms for externalise

    No holonyms found for externalise.

    Hypernyms for externalise

    modify attribute impute change ascribe alter assign

    Hyponyms for externalise

    No hyponyms found for externalise.

    Meronyms for externalise

    No meronyms found for externalise.

    Sounds like externalise

    easter Ecuador eighter eighty-three ejector equator ester Esther estuary excitatory excogitator excusatory executor exterior extra ex cathedra