What is the definition of felon?

Definitions for felon

  • noun - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
  • noun - a purulent infection at the end of a finger or toe in the area surrounding the nail
  • Pronounciation of felon

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    Synonyms for felon

    outlaw malefactor criminal whitlow crook

    Antonyms for felon

    No antonyms found for felon.

    Holonyms for felon

    No holonyms found for felon.

    Hypernyms for felon

    principal infection

    Hyponyms for felon

    repeater runner thief violator arsonist extortioner briber plotter fugitive highbinder hoodlum tough jailbird abductor gun moll manslayer drug peddler racketeer habitual criminal contrabandist stealer lawbreaker incendiary extortionist suborner machinator fugitive from justice highjacker goon toughie gaolbird snatcher gangster's moll probationer peddler raper scofflaw moon curser traitor law offender accessory firebug bootlegger conspirator desperado gangster hijacker punk strong-armer kidnapper mafioso murderer parolee drug dealer rapist smuggler moon-curser treasonist accessary blackmailer moonshiner coconspirator desperate criminal mobster hood thug jail bird kidnaper moll liquidator pusher drug trafficker recidivist

    Meronyms for felon

    No meronyms found for felon.

    Sounds like felon

    fallen fall in feline Fellini felon felony filename file in file name fill-in fill in film filmy filum flame flamen Flaminian Way flan flume fly on folium follow-on foul line fuel line Fulani full moon