What is the definition of floodlight?

Definitions for floodlight

  • verb - illuminate with floodlights
  • noun - light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography
  • Pronounciation of floodlight

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    Synonyms for floodlight

    flood flood lamp photoflood

    Antonyms for floodlight

    No antonyms found for floodlight.

    Holonyms for floodlight

    No holonyms found for floodlight.

    Hypernyms for floodlight

    light source light up light illuminate illume illumine

    Hyponyms for floodlight

    No hyponyms found for floodlight.

    Meronyms for floodlight

    No meronyms found for floodlight.

    Sounds like floodlight

    faultily filthily flatly fleetly flotilla