What is the definition of force-land?

Definitions for force-land

  • verb - make a forced landing
  • Pronounciation of force-land

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    Synonyms for force-land

    No synonyms found for force-land.

    Antonyms for force-land

    No antonyms found for force-land.

    Holonyms for force-land

    No holonyms found for force-land.

    Hypernyms for force-land

    land set down

    Hyponyms for force-land

    No hyponyms found for force-land.

    Meronyms for force-land

    No meronyms found for force-land.

    Sounds like force-land

    fairy swallow farcical farcically ferociously Ferris wheel feverishly fiercely fireclay fire sale foresail for sale fragile frazzle freakishly freckle free-soil freshly fresh gale friar's-cowl frijol frijole frijolillo friskily frizzle frizzly frugal frugally furcula furiously fur seal