What is the definition of gaucherie?

Definitions for gaucherie

  • noun - a socially awkward or tactless act
  • noun - the quality of being rustic or gauche
  • Pronounciation of gaucherie

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    Synonyms for gaucherie

    solecism slip faux pas rusticity gaffe

    Antonyms for gaucherie

    No antonyms found for gaucherie.

    Holonyms for gaucherie

    No holonyms found for gaucherie.

    Hypernyms for gaucherie

    bloomer fuckup boo-boo stiffness bungle flub awkwardness blunder pratfall botch clumsiness blooper foul-up boner gracelessness

    Hyponyms for gaucherie

    No hyponyms found for gaucherie.

    Meronyms for gaucherie

    No meronyms found for gaucherie.

    Sounds like gaucherie

    No words sound like gaucherie.