What is the definition of gelt?

Definitions for gelt

  • noun - informal terms for money
  • Pronounciation of gelt

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    Synonyms for gelt

    lettuce moolah simoleons clams lolly pelf sugar boodle dinero lucre scratch wampum bread dough kale loot shekels cabbage

    Antonyms for gelt

    No antonyms found for gelt.

    Holonyms for gelt

    No holonyms found for gelt.

    Hypernyms for gelt


    Hyponyms for gelt

    No hyponyms found for gelt.

    Meronyms for gelt

    No meronyms found for gelt.

    Sounds like gelt

    Galahad Galatea Galatia Gallaudet galled galoot geld gelded gelid gelidity gelt gild gilded gilled Gillette gilt glad glade gleet glide gloat glued glut glute glutted goggle-eyed gold goliath Gould go all out