geographical area

What is the definition of geographical area?

Definitions for geographical area

  • noun - a demarcated area of the Earth
  • Pronounciation of geographical area

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    Synonyms for geographical area

    geographic area geographical region geographic region

    Antonyms for geographical area

    No antonyms found for geographical area.

    Holonyms for geographical area

    No holonyms found for geographical area.

    Hypernyms for geographical area


    Hyponyms for geographical area

    hemisphere country field piece of ground populated area northern Europe Dar al-Islam dependency property drainage basin environs environment surroundings hot spot rural area settlement parcel of land wilderness French region House of Islam territory semidesert river basin catchment area purlieu surround hotspot sphere tract parcel wild Baltic State Dar al-harb soil narco-state basin catchment basin zone dust bowl panhandle sphere of influence piece of land urban area killing field Baltic Republic House of War colony place watershed drainage area geographical zone

    Meronyms for geographical area

    No meronyms found for geographical area.

    Sounds like geographical area

    No words sound like geographical area.