What is the definition of group?

Definitions for group

  • noun - any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
  • verb - arrange into a group or groups; "Can you group these shapes together?"
  • verb - form a group or group together
  • noun - a set that is closed
  • noun - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
  • Pronounciation of group

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    Synonyms for group

    grouping chemical group mathematical group radical aggroup

    Antonyms for group

    No antonyms found for group.

    Holonyms for group

    No holonyms found for group.

    Hypernyms for group

    abstraction abstract entity set unit building block sort meet foregather assort gather classify sort out assemble class separate forgather

    Hyponyms for group

    benzoyl group cacodyl radical carboxyl group cyanide group hydrazo radical ketone group propyl nitro group uranyl radical world human beings arrangement community collection edition race subgroup multitude the great unwashed scheme actinon lanthanide Abelian group alcohol group alkyl allyl group amyl azo radical benzoyl radical arsenic group chromophore cyanide radical hydroxyl methylene group propyl group nitrite vinyl human race humans straggle biotic community aggregation electron shell association sainthood masses varna series rare earth lanthanon commutative group alcohol radical alkyl group allyl radical azido group benzyl benzyl group cacodyl carbonyl group cyano group glyceryl hydroxyl group methylene radical propyl radical uranyl vinyl group humanity mankind kingdom people accumulation ethnic group swarm citizenry mass circuit actinoid rare-earth element halogen acyl aldehyde group alkyl radical amino azido radical benzyl radical cacodyl group carboxyl cyano radical hydrazo group hydroxyl radical methylene butyl uranyl group vinyl radical humankind man biological group social group assemblage ethnos cloud population hoi polloi system actinide lanthanoid acyl group aldehyde radical allyl amino group azo group bracket batch gang collocate team gang up lump team up pool regroup chunk embed brigade

    Meronyms for group

    No meronyms found for group.

    Sounds like group

    garb Garbo gear up geography GHRF Giraffa giraffe grab grabby Graf grape grapey graph GRAPO grappa grapy grave gravy greave grebe grief grieve grip gripe grippe groove groovy grope group groupie