What is the definition of haemophilia?

Definitions for haemophilia

  • noun - congenital tendency to uncontrolled bleeding; usually affects males and is transmitted from mother to son
  • Pronounciation of haemophilia

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    Synonyms for haemophilia

    hemophilia bleeder's disease

    Antonyms for haemophilia

    No antonyms found for haemophilia.

    Holonyms for haemophilia

    No holonyms found for haemophilia.

    Hypernyms for haemophilia

    sex-linked disorder blood disease blood disorder

    Hyponyms for haemophilia

    classical hemophilia Christmas disease classical haemophilia von Willebrand's disease hemophilia A hemophilia B angiohemophilia haemophilia A haemophilia B vascular hemophilia

    Meronyms for haemophilia

    No meronyms found for haemophilia.

    Sounds like haemophilia

    haemophile haemophilia haemophilia A Hannibal Hemofil hemophile hemophilia hemophilia A hemp willow homophile honey bell humble humbly