hard liquor

What is the definition of hard liquor?

Definitions for hard liquor

  • noun - an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
  • Pronounciation of hard liquor

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    Synonyms for hard liquor

    hard drink liquor John Barleycorn spirits strong drink booze

    Antonyms for hard liquor

    No antonyms found for hard liquor.

    Holonyms for hard liquor

    No holonyms found for hard liquor.

    Hypernyms for hard liquor

    intoxicant alcohol inebriant alcoholic drink alcoholic beverage

    Hyponyms for hard liquor

    brandy schnapps vodka lacing akvavit gin schnaps whiskey aqua vitae arrack ouzo mescal whisky ardent spirits arak bitters rum tequila firewater aquavit

    Meronyms for hard liquor

    No meronyms found for hard liquor.

    Sounds like hard liquor

    hairtail hardly hardly a Hartley heart-whole heartily heir-at-law Heyerdahl horridly hurdle hurriedly hurtle