What is the definition of high-up?

Definitions for high-up

  • noun - an important or influential (and often overbearing) person
  • Pronounciation of high-up

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    Synonyms for high-up

    panjandrum very important person high muckamuck VIP dignitary

    Antonyms for high-up

    No antonyms found for high-up.

    Holonyms for high-up

    No holonyms found for high-up.

    Hypernyms for high-up

    important person influential person personage

    Hyponyms for high-up

    No hyponyms found for high-up.

    Meronyms for high-up

    No meronyms found for high-up.

    Sounds like high-up

    Hagia Sofia Hagia Sophia hasp hawsepipe hiccup high-five high-up highboy high up hijab hike up hookup hook up hosepipe housekeep housewife HSV-1 HSV-2 HSV-I HSV-II hushpuppy hush puppy hush up hyssop