immune globulin

What is the definition of immune globulin?

Definitions for immune globulin

  • noun - a class of proteins produced in lymph tissue in vertebrates and that function as antibodies in the immune response
  • Pronounciation of immune globulin

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    Synonyms for immune globulin

    Ig immune serum globulin immune gamma globulin immunoglobulin

    Antonyms for immune globulin

    No antonyms found for immune globulin.

    Holonyms for immune globulin

    No holonyms found for immune globulin.

    Hypernyms for immune globulin

    human gamma globulin antibody gamma globulin

    Hyponyms for immune globulin

    IgA IgE IgM immunoglobulin D immunoglobulin G tetanus immunoglobulin IgD IgG tetanus immune globulin immunoglobulin A immunoglobulin E immunoglobulin M

    Meronyms for immune globulin

    No meronyms found for immune globulin.

    Sounds like immune globulin

    No words sound like immune globulin.