What is the definition of imperialism?

Definitions for imperialism

  • noun - any instance of aggressive extension of authority
  • noun - a political orientation that advocates imperial interests
  • noun - a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries
  • Pronounciation of imperialism

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    Synonyms for imperialism

    No synonyms found for imperialism.

    Antonyms for imperialism

    No antonyms found for imperialism.

    Holonyms for imperialism

    No holonyms found for imperialism.

    Hypernyms for imperialism

    ideology political theory control foreign policy political orientation

    Hyponyms for imperialism

    manifest destiny

    Meronyms for imperialism

    No meronyms found for imperialism.

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    imbiber imbrue impair impairer impure infer inferior infra inpour Invar in for