What is the definition of mitigatory?

Definitions for mitigatory

  • adjective - moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear
  • Pronounciation of mitigatory

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    Synonyms for mitigatory

    mitigative alleviative palliative alleviatory lenitive

    Antonyms for mitigatory

    No antonyms found for mitigatory.

    Holonyms for mitigatory

    No holonyms found for mitigatory.

    Hypernyms for mitigatory

    No hypernyms found for mitigatory.

    Hyponyms for mitigatory

    No hyponyms found for mitigatory.

    Meronyms for mitigatory

    No meronyms found for mitigatory.

    Sounds like mitigatory

    mad-dog weed Mahdist manducate Manduca sexta matched matchet matchweed matchwood Medicaid medicate medusa's head medusoid mendacity mendicity Methodist mid-August Mideast midget midst Midwest mind-set mindset mitigate mitigated modest modesty modiste monotheist mot juste MOT test