What is the definition of mouthpiece?

Definitions for mouthpiece

  • noun - the aperture of a wind instrument into which the player blows directly
  • noun - the tube of a pipe or cigarette holder that a smoker holds in the mouth
  • noun - an acoustic device; the part of a telephone into which a person speaks
  • noun - (especially boxing) equipment that protects an athlete's mouth
  • noun - a part that goes over or into the mouth of a person; "the mouthpiece of a respirator"
  • noun - a spokesperson (as a lawyer)
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    Synonyms for mouthpiece

    embouchure gumshield mouth

    Antonyms for mouthpiece

    No antonyms found for mouthpiece.

    Holonyms for mouthpiece

    No holonyms found for mouthpiece.

    Hypernyms for mouthpiece

    acoustic device representative aperture sports equipment voice tube spokesperson tubing interpreter

    Hyponyms for mouthpiece

    No hyponyms found for mouthpiece.

    Meronyms for mouthpiece

    No meronyms found for mouthpiece.

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    meadow fescue medevac medivac Menominee whitefish metaphase metaphysics metaphysis method of choice minute book mite box monotypic Mount Fuji mouthpiece