What is the definition of mud?

Definitions for mud

  • verb - plaster with mud
  • verb - soil with mud
  • noun - slanderous remarks or charges
  • noun - water soaked soil; soft wet earth
  • Pronounciation of mud

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    Synonyms for mud

    clay mire muck muck up

    Antonyms for mud

    No antonyms found for mud.

    Holonyms for mud

    No holonyms found for mud.

    Hypernyms for mud

    slander dirt plaster begrime daub grime dirty colly soil bemire

    Hyponyms for mud

    bleaching clay mire bleaching earth mud pie slop

    Meronyms for mud

    No meronyms found for mud.

    Sounds like mud

    mad made Madia maenad Mahdi Mahomet Mahound mahout maid maidhood Maidu maimed Mamet mammoth Mammut Mammutidae man-made manat manatee Manda mandate Mande Manet manhood manhunt Manidae Manihot manned manta Manteidae