What is the definition of narrowing?

Definitions for narrowing

  • noun - the act of making something narrower
  • adjective - (of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom
  • adjective - becoming gradually narrower; "long tapering fingers"; "trousers with tapered legs"
  • noun - an instance of becoming narrow
  • noun - a decrease in width
  • Pronounciation of narrowing

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    Synonyms for narrowing

    tapering constricting constrictive tapered

    Antonyms for narrowing


    Holonyms for narrowing

    No holonyms found for narrowing.

    Hypernyms for narrowing

    configuration decrement change of shape contour shape conformation form decrease

    Hyponyms for narrowing

    bottleneck coarctation chokepoint taper constriction

    Meronyms for narrowing

    No meronyms found for narrowing.

    Sounds like narrowing

    narrowing narrowness nearness near miss neuronic nonharmonic