What is the definition of nostrum?

Definitions for nostrum

  • noun - patent medicine whose efficacy is questionable
  • noun - hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists
  • Pronounciation of nostrum

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    Synonyms for nostrum

    panacea catholicon cure-all

    Antonyms for nostrum

    No antonyms found for nostrum.

    Holonyms for nostrum

    No holonyms found for nostrum.

    Hypernyms for nostrum

    cure patent medicine therapeutic remedy curative

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    Meronyms for nostrum

    No meronyms found for nostrum.

    Sounds like nostrum

    nectar nectary negotiator nester Nestor newscaster news story next door nightwear night terror nocturia non sequitur nugatory nycturia