What is the definition of oddity?

Definitions for oddity

  • noun - something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting
  • noun - a strange attitude or habit
  • noun - eccentricity that is not easily explained
  • Pronounciation of oddity

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    Synonyms for oddity

    oddment quirk peculiarity quirkiness curio rarity crotchet curiosity queerness oddness

    Antonyms for oddity

    No antonyms found for oddity.

    Holonyms for oddity

    No holonyms found for oddity.

    Hypernyms for oddity

    unfamiliarity strangeness object eccentricity physical object

    Hyponyms for oddity

    nicknack collectable knickknackery collector's item bric-a-brac whatnot showpiece knickknack collectible piece de resistance

    Meronyms for oddity

    No meronyms found for oddity.

    Sounds like oddity

    No words sound like oddity.