What is the definition of overtime?

Definitions for overtime

  • adverb - beyond the regular time; "she often has to work overtime"
  • noun - work done in addition to regular working hours
  • noun - playing time beyond regulation
  • Pronounciation of overtime

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    Synonyms for overtime

    extra time

    Antonyms for overtime

    regulation time

    Holonyms for overtime

    No holonyms found for overtime.

    Hypernyms for overtime

    period of time period work time time period

    Hyponyms for overtime

    tiebreaker sudden death extra innings overtime period

    Meronyms for overtime

    No meronyms found for overtime.

    Sounds like overtime

    off-Broadway operate opera hat opera hood operetta Ophiurida Ophiuroidea Oporto op art overawed overdo overdue overeat overhead overheat overheated overrate override overt overwrite Ovrette