What is the definition of paving?

Definitions for paving

  • noun - the act of applying paving materials to an area
  • noun - the paved surface of a thoroughfare
  • noun - material used to pave an area
  • Pronounciation of paving

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    Synonyms for paving

    pavage pavement paving material

    Antonyms for paving

    No antonyms found for paving.

    Holonyms for paving

    No holonyms found for paving.

    Hypernyms for paving

    paved surface application artifact coating artefact covering

    Hyponyms for paving

    tarmac blacktop curbside blacktopping asphalt macadam concrete tarmacadam

    Meronyms for paving

    No meronyms found for paving.

    Sounds like paving

    No words sound like paving.