pearl millet

What is the definition of pearl millet?

Definitions for pearl millet

  • noun - tall grass having cattail like spikes; grown in Africa and Asia for its grain and in the United States chiefly for forage; sometimes used in making beer
  • Pronounciation of pearl millet

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    Synonyms for pearl millet

    Pennisetum Americanum bulrush millet cattail millet Pennisetum glaucum

    Antonyms for pearl millet

    No antonyms found for pearl millet.

    Holonyms for pearl millet

    Pennisetum genus Pennisetum

    Hypernyms for pearl millet

    cereal cereal grass

    Hyponyms for pearl millet

    No hyponyms found for pearl millet.

    Meronyms for pearl millet

    No meronyms found for pearl millet.

    Sounds like pearl millet

    parhelion pearl hominy perihelion perilune power line power loom praline prelim Prelone prolamine proline purloin pyrilamine