What is the definition of plyers?

Definitions for plyers

  • noun - a gripping hand tool with two hinged arms and (usually) serrated jaws
  • Pronounciation of plyers

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    Synonyms for plyers

    pair of pliers pliers

    Antonyms for plyers

    No antonyms found for plyers.

    Holonyms for plyers

    No holonyms found for plyers.

    Hypernyms for plyers

    hand tool compound lever

    Hyponyms for plyers

    needlenose pliers pump-type pliers rib joint pliers locking pliers slip-joint pliers

    Meronyms for plyers

    No meronyms found for plyers.

    Sounds like plyers

    Paliurus Phalaris pleurisy pliers plow horse plyers Polaris polarise polarize pole horse Polyergus popularise popularize pull wires pyloric pylorus