What is the definition of predomination?

Definitions for predomination

  • noun - the quality of being more noticeable than anything else; "the predomination of blues gave the painting a quiet tone"
  • noun - the state of being predominant over others
  • Pronounciation of predomination

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    Synonyms for predomination

    predominance prepotency

    Antonyms for predomination

    No antonyms found for predomination.

    Holonyms for predomination

    No holonyms found for predomination.

    Hypernyms for predomination

    patency ascendancy obviousness dominance ascendency noticeability ascendance control noticeableness ascendence

    Hyponyms for predomination

    No hyponyms found for predomination.

    Meronyms for predomination

    No meronyms found for predomination.

    Sounds like predomination

    paper thin parathion pardon pare down part-time Parthenium Parthenon Parthian partition parttime party man part name perdition peridinian Peridinium peridium peritoneum peroration pertain pertainym per diem portion port wine pour down predation preordain preteen proration protamine protean