What is the definition of prickle?

Definitions for prickle

  • verb - make a small hole into
  • verb - cause a stinging or tingling sensation
  • verb - cause a prickling sensation
  • noun - a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf
  • Pronounciation of prickle

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    Synonyms for prickle

    pricker sticker spine spikelet thorn prick tingle

    Antonyms for prickle

    No antonyms found for prickle.

    Holonyms for prickle

    No holonyms found for prickle.

    Hypernyms for prickle

    aculeus pierce twinge itch prick sting

    Hyponyms for prickle

    glochidium glochid needle

    Meronyms for prickle

    No meronyms found for prickle.

    Sounds like prickle

    parasail parasol parcel parochial parochially parsley parsley haw percale Perejil pergola perkily perusal pharisaical phrasal Pipracil Porcellio prairie soil prayer shawl preciously precisely precocial precociously preschool Presley prickle prickly priggishly prissily prosaically prosily