What is the definition of rhumba?

Definitions for rhumba

  • noun - a ballroom dance based on the Cuban folk dance
  • noun - a folk dance in duple time that originated in Cuba with Spanish and African elements; features complex footwork and violent movement
  • verb - dance the rhumba
  • noun - syncopated music in duple time for dancing the rumba
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    No antonyms found for rhumba.

    Holonyms for rhumba

    No holonyms found for rhumba.

    Hypernyms for rhumba

    folk dancing folk dance dance music ballroom dancing ballroom dance trip the light fantastic toe dance trip the light fantastic

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    No hyponyms found for rhumba.

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    No meronyms found for rhumba.

    Sounds like rhumba

    rainbow ramify ramp ramp up remove reunify rhomb rhumb rhumba Romanoff Romanov romp rumba rump rum baba run-up runoff runup run by run off run up