What is the definition of roadless?

Definitions for roadless

  • adjective - lacking pathways; "trackless wilderness"; "roadless areas"
  • Pronounciation of roadless

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    Synonyms for roadless

    untrod pathless untrodden trackless untracked

    Antonyms for roadless

    No antonyms found for roadless.

    Holonyms for roadless

    No holonyms found for roadless.

    Hypernyms for roadless

    No hypernyms found for roadless.

    Hyponyms for roadless

    No hyponyms found for roadless.

    Meronyms for roadless

    No meronyms found for roadless.

    Sounds like roadless

    radiology radiolysis ratlike red algae Red Delicious reedlike Rhoeadales ritualise ritualize roadless rodlike rootless Roridulaceae ruddles ruthless Rutilus