What is the definition of sandbag?

Definitions for sandbag

  • verb - protect or strengthen with sandbags; stop up; "The residents sandbagged the beach front"
  • verb - downplay one's ability (towards others) in a game in order to deceive
  • verb - hit something or somebody as if with a sandbag
  • verb - compel by coercion
  • verb - treat harshly or unfairly
  • noun - a bag filled with sand; used as a weapon or to build walls or as ballast
  • Pronounciation of sandbag

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    Synonyms for sandbag

    stun dragoon railroad

    Antonyms for sandbag

    No antonyms found for sandbag.

    Holonyms for sandbag

    No holonyms found for sandbag.

    Hypernyms for sandbag

    bag hit pressure strengthen coerce force misinform hale wrong mislead squeeze

    Hyponyms for sandbag

    No hyponyms found for sandbag.

    Meronyms for sandbag

    No meronyms found for sandbag.

    Sounds like sandbag

    sanative sandboy sand dab Santa Fe send-off sendup send off skin-deep skin-dive skinny-dip somatotype sound bow sound off sound wave summative swan dive