What is the definition of self-discipline?

Definitions for self-discipline

  • noun - the act of denying yourself; controlling your impulses
  • noun - the trait of practicing self discipline
  • Pronounciation of self-discipline

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    Synonyms for self-discipline

    self-denial self-control

    Antonyms for self-discipline

    No antonyms found for self-discipline.

    Holonyms for self-discipline

    No holonyms found for self-discipline.

    Hypernyms for self-discipline

    control discipline

    Hyponyms for self-discipline

    ascesis abstention mortification continence abstinence austerity continency asceticism nonindulgence

    Meronyms for self-discipline

    No meronyms found for self-discipline.

    Sounds like self-discipline

    sailboat salivate Salpidae scalloped sculpt sculpted self-pity sell-by date sicklepod ski lift sleepy-eyed sleepyhead sleepyheaded sleep out sleep with sleeved Slo-Bid sloped slopped slubbed solvate solved soul food sulfate sulfide sulphate sulphide Sylviidae sylvite