What is the definition of shtik?

Definitions for shtik

  • noun - (Yiddish) a devious trick; a bit of cheating; "how did you ever fall for a shtik like that?"
  • noun - (Yiddish) a prank or piece of clowning; "his shtik made us laugh"
  • noun - (Yiddish) a contrived and often used bit of business that a performer uses to steal attention; "play it straight with no shtik"
  • noun - (Yiddish) a little; a piece; "give him a shtik cake"; "he's a shtik crazy"; "he played a shtik Beethoven"
  • Pronounciation of shtik

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    Synonyms for shtik

    schtick schtik shtick

    Antonyms for shtik

    No antonyms found for shtik.

    Holonyms for shtik

    No holonyms found for shtik.

    Hypernyms for shtik

    buffoonery harlequinade byplay clowning prank small indefinite quantity trick japery business small indefinite amount fast one frivolity stage business

    Hyponyms for shtik

    schtikl schtickl shtikl shtickl

    Meronyms for shtik

    No meronyms found for shtik.

    Sounds like shtik

    saccadic Sachs disease Sadducee sad sack Sasquatch sausage dog scads schottische schtick schtik sciatic sciatica scotch Scotch egg Scotch kiss Scotch whiskey Scotch whisky Scots Scottish seaside daisy seats sea dog sea duck Secotiaceae sedge sedgy seditious seduce seedcake seedcase